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Care Home Garden Furniture​

Choose Seating That Residents Love

and Stand Out from the Competition by Meeting Resident Needs

From your imagination to reality

We offer the widest range of Care Home Garden Furniture specially designed for residents needs

We’re the only company after 16 years, designated as best practice by the Department of health 

Feel at home

Why bespoke heights are better for everyone

Most care home residents aren’t the standard size that’s used to create normal garden furniture. Our Care Home Garden Furniture is different on purpose

Custom furniture design

We supply heights and dimensions for the smallest to the tallest person

Personalized designs

We help you create vibrant outdoor spaces with light, sound and sense

Satisfaction guaranteed

Many care groups buy from us exclusively

Award-winning Designers

Over many years, we've helped care homes win awards for their outside spaces

10 year guarantee

on all seating by using the best materials

up-to-date trends

we're always creating new designs to meet an ever changing market

From Luxury Rattan to Scandinavian redwood

much more than outdoor seating

We're also the leading supplier of Dementia and Residential items. From jigsaws to cinemas and everything inbetween

the leading care groups have worked with us for the past 11 years to create amazing spaces and activities for all.

Inspired by our work?

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