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Construction companies

Experienced FF&E build partners with many leading construction companies locally and nationally.

A range of garden furniture developed with many years of experience in care environments to be more suited to our elderly and disabled residents. Offering classic and contemporary styles meeting their specific needs of pre-assembled, low maintenance and tanalised warm redwood.

Residential, dementia and mental health furniture

Chair and Table Sets

Our collection includes versatile chair and table sets suitable for single residents or groups of up to six individuals. Specifically designed love seats cater to the unique needs of individuals with dementia, ensuring comfort and support. We also supply premium rattan sets that are again a higher seat.

Balcony Seating

Enhance your balcony space with our range of loveseats, available in angled or straight designs with narrower tables to prevent overcrowding the space. Accompanied by a diverse selection of planters in various dimensions, our balcony furniture is both functional and stylish. Chairs are thoughtfully designed to meet health and safety requirements, particularly in situations where there’s a risk of residents moving seats to the balcony perimeter.

Planters for Versatile Use

Choose from a wide array of classic and contemporary planter designs, including the option for bespoke creations tailored to your specific needs. We also have planters that adhere to Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) regulations. Whether used to add interest and activity to your garden, create an inviting entrance, or act as barriers around parking areas to address drop curb-related concerns, our planters offer practical solutions.

Bariatric & Mental Health Furniture

Explore our bariatric range, offering extra-strong and dimensionally suitable options. The design seamlessly integrates with everyday aesthetics, prioritizing user comfort and safety. 

Activity Items

 In addition to our diverse range of furniture, we provide various activity items to enhance engagement and enjoyment in your garden space.


Supply prebuilt, fully treated garden furniture

Bespoke items

To suit style and function

Customer care and after-sales service

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Using European redwood and short supply chains

10 year warranty

Tried and tested over many years

What makes Outwoodcare One of the Leading Providers in the Industry?

For over 15 years we have worked with the leading Care organisations to supply our unique garden furniture that has been proven to be highly beneficial in care homes. Our company has been solely recognised by the Department of Health as best practice for dementia outdoor furniture. We are innovators and care what our mums and dads sit on outside.

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