Corporate services

In 2013 the Department of Health chose us to exclusively represent best practice in Dementia for their Dementia village showcase event as part of the prime ministers challenge on Dementia.

and this typical feedback from a top 5 care group

"We appreciate the professional service that they provide, especially the attention to detail and also how they work very closely with our individual home teams in order to understand their particular desires and too ensure they provide the most suitable, cost effective all our requirements and to also ensure we receive best value for money without compromising the end result."

brings together real and different benefits from any one else in the industry.


Our corporate services include

  • Guidance, Support and delivery of your dementia strategy
  • purchase management leading to 10-25% savings against the market
  • exclusive access to market leading best practice projects and content


Care Groups: Benefit from our services

We have one of the largest ranges of non medical equipment for a care home, especially one specialising in Dementia. For you that means better control of pricing and a consistent standard of equipment going in to your homes.

NHS: Benefit from our expertise

We know you have a challenging envrionment to deliver non medical support to elderly and demented paitients. Our expertise is unrivalled in understanding your complex requirments and delivering solutions that go a long way to improving the patient experience.

Housing Associations: Access cutting edge planning and knowledge

Whilst we can help you to know what works with older people and dementia environments, we can also deliver that strategy on the ground with a range of services geared specifically to your needs.

Care Home: Access a wealth of expertise

As best practice evolves, we can be by your side offering guidance and support in terms of better value for money and new ways of delivering customer expectations.