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Can you can ask for a completely customised design?

We build for so many different needs we can’t put everything we do on the website. Just ask!

Higher is Easier?

A common seat height is around 43cm. Ours start at 48cm and can go up to 76cm (for wooden seats)

Responsive Design?

In 15 years experience, not everyone wants their feet firmly on the ground ALL the time. Some really want a footstool.

Do I have to build it?

They come ready built so ready to go without any assembly at all. 

Maintenance Free?

The wood comes ready treated for 10 years against bugs and rot. The rattan is plastic so doesn’t need treating.

Environmentally friendly?

We use environmentally friendly timber with as little or no packaging as practical.


Is it Strong?


Wood is screwed to be stronger than dowel and glue joints. A strong metal frame is used for the rattan.

Where is it made?

The garden funtiure is designed and manufactured by us in the UK.

Delivery Timescale?

This depends on the time of year – please check if you need a particular date. Generally from 1 week to 3 weeks.