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Heathcare Professional

Helping you deliver the best Garden Seating for your clients

Home Care

Individual Solutions you can tailor to suit your client needs.

Hospital Care

A wide range of solutions for the different needs within a hospital including: Geriatrics, Dementia,  Orthopaedics, other depts and the Rememberance garden.

Care Home

A complete package of seating areas, shade and activity for the Care environment.

How to Order

Simply choose from the most common seats where apart from the overall design, the major change you’d likely make is the seat height.

OR ask for a custom design…..

Assess what your clients need, bearing in mind that we can build the most unique solution required.

We have a friendly team of experts you can contact to help you.

Share with your client the success stories and benefits of being outdoors. It’ll help motivate them.

Place your order online. Complete the online VAT relief form if applicable.

Talk to an Expert- Let us help you  (no obligation free help & advice)

Customer reviews you can inspire your clients with

Thankyou for the 2nd delivery of our Sons garden furniture, in appalling weather conditions.  Our Son had a Stroke 3 years ago and this custom quality made garden furniture has enhanced our Son’s daily quality of life, he now has his breakfast  outside in the mornings, with the support of his carers 😀,  weather permitting.  I give Outwood care 5 plus-stars for the efficient personal deliveries made by Richard, and personilzed measuring and ordering service help provided by Ann.  With greatful thanks, to Outwoodcare! From Immensely happy parents!

Being able to buy a seat that is custom made for me was exactly what I needed.  I feel so confident in using it as it is sturdy and well finished.  I’m so happy with my purchase, I will buy more furniture when I can!

It is great to have a seat at the right height enabling me to get on and off without any help and a seat of such good quality too. The people we spoke to were most friendly and helpful – thank you all.

Changed my dads life during lockdown as the heavy duty easy access chair could be positioned at the front of his house so he could speak with people walking past.