sensory gardens

Discover why your sensory garden will benefit from better garden furniture

Specially designed like your sensory garden is to support elderly and disabled needs


Your service users will benefit from a sensory garden as they have different needs such as old age, dementia or disability.

These needs also mean that they will benefit from our specially designed garden seating and structures too, which will help reduces falls and increase how your residents use the sensory garden.

  • No maintenance or treating needed
  • 10+ year life
  • ready assembled
  • safe and strong
  • designed to meet older peoples physical needs better
  • helps to sit and stand
  • fully compliant with CQC and DDA

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Even having a well-designed garden can leave your service users wanting more though. For many, going outside into a garden wouldn’t have been familiar. They may not understand the space at all if they have dementia.


Themed outdoor areas

We can create small or larger themed zones outside based on familiar environments: shops or holidays are just 2 themes. Designed to create interest not only for residents but families and grandchildren.

  • Range of themes based on your residents backgrounds
  • We install quickly and easily
  • Safe and hygienic so sand of a beach theme doesn’t get trampled inside for example
  • Interest to family and residents
  • Ready to go activity boxes
  • cheaper and quicker than building works

 Simply phone us or drop us an email via contact us page here to discuss how we can activate your outside.


The highest standards. the happiest residents

Our recent customers include CIC, BUPA, MHA, Barchester, Glasgow HA, NHS and many other homes, day centres and organisations


Quotes from our customers

“Beautiful! – and perfect for people with dementia (as well as everyone else)” comments Sue Benson the editor of Journal of dementia care.

3 Seat Bench at St. Anne's Court, Chelmsford

Reports say this 3 seat bench is very nice to look at, very solid and a nice height. It seems very comfortable and the residents are pleased with it! Thank you.


They are a very high standard and well used by our residents. We will definitely be buying more items from you

On 2 Seat bench

You can read more about their stories on our blog


Why people fall 

how-to-reduce-falls-in-elderly-infographic-cutoff.jpgThis illustration of why falls happen may help you decide what to do. You can download it here.

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