Nostalgia display stand - kitchen

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If you are looking for something to fill a bigger space then we’ve found the most flexible and versatile solution out of the many simple and complex systems out there today. 

We have created a simple 3 panel kit which beats any other with its simplicity. It’s completely tool-less which makes it perfectly easy to erect by yourself into a strong and long lasting backdrop. Not many can make that claim.  What everyone likes is the flexible joints in between the panels. This makes it easy to bend around objects into the space you have. For even better value you can have it double sided. It has built in lights and no trip feet so that it can be seen and used in difficult spaces.

It’s easy to pack away with every pole and poster having a specific place to be packed away. This makes sure that everything is not damaged when you need to pack away quickly.

 Banners available

This banner is of the inside of a typical kitchen in the 1950s. You can see some of the appliances some homes had then.

2m tall, 3 panels making 2.5 m wide in total

You can take advantage of its felxible bending to have a double sided room. Just choose your theme and contact us.