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What is Our White Glove Service?

This is how we would want our parents looking after and so this is how we will look after yours……

We look after your parents by personally delivering your furniture in our own vans. We will confirm the delivery date and idea of timing,  plus we can notify you if you wish to be there during delivery. If your parents take a little longer to reach the door or have difficulty hearing, we will patiently wait and greet them with a warm smile and a friendly ‘hello’.” Our fully assembled and treated seats are placed exactly where they want them in the garden, and we take care of any packaging disposal. 

If mum and dad want to “test out “ the seat that’s fine. We can check the seat height is right for them and it’s what they want.

We will leave them with some information on the furniture, a little bit about us and who made it and reassure them that they won’t blow away in the wind. The cushions are showerproof and they won’t have to drag the chairs into the garage in winter as the wood is treated to withstand the weather. 

Maybe we are the only ones they’ve talked to in a while so we purposely build time into our delivery so that we have time for a chat. This is our business and we’re grateful you’ve chosen us so we’re going to make you proud.