What It Means for Us to Care: A Day in the Life of Our Delivery Drivers

What It Means for Us to Care: A Day in the Life of Our Delivery Drivers

In all cases, the customers were well over 80, had no one nearby to help, and lived in very different houses.

6:05 Left home

10:25 near Glasgow – The lady was apologizing for being slow coming to the door. Told her not to rush. Placed the loveseat where the old one was. Had a chat about her helping Gordon Brown, her daughter-in-law who bought it for them, and other things.

Time with customer: 30 minutes

11:50 near Loch Lomond – Took some time to find the correct apartment. 90-year-old mum very slow coming down but wanted to show me her “space” on the lawn. What a view. Made her sit in the chair and reviewed. Could do with a cushion if she spends longer admiring her view.

Time with customer: 47 minutes

13:51 Care home – Helped offload seats and planters.

Time with customer: 15 minutes

16:08 Care home 2 – Waited for the meeting to end before offloading planters and seats in the required position.

Time with customer: 42 minutes

17:07 near Aberdeen – Gent may have early-stage dementia as he was a bit forgetful. Tried a combination of two chairs, with/without cushions, and tried a footstool. In the end, he preferred putting his feet up on the wall, so no footstool was required. Finally decided he wanted the chair in his conservatory. Spent what seemed like ages turning the oblong table round and round until he felt happy.

Time with customer: 33 minutes

17:46 Arrived at the hotel for the night

Miles driven: 431
Total time with customers: 2 hrs 47 minutes
Average time with each customer: 33 minutes
Total work day: 11 hrs 45 minutes

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